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Tommy Greene is a freelance journalist and translator based in Madrid.

Pablo Iglesias’s Madrid Campaign Can Shake Up Spanish Politics

On Monday, Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias announced he is resigning as Spain’s deputy prime minister to run for election in the Madrid region. Iglesias’s move to regional politics is aimed at blocking the formation of another far-right government in the capital — but it also highlights his own party’s need to go beyond relying on one brilliant communicator.

Spain’s Left Is Winning the Battle for Welfare — But Not the War on Neoliberalism

A year into Spain’s coalition government, today’s budget offers major public health care investment and a commitment to expand the Guaranteed Minimum Income plan. These promises show how Unidas Podemos has changed the political agenda — and yet centrist ministers are still stonewalling on measures that risk upsetting business.

Spain’s First Communist Minister Since the 1930s: “The Right Can’t Accept a Party Like Ours in Government”

This January, a pact between the Socialists and Unidas Podemos gave Spain its first ruling left-wing coalition since the Civil War. One of two communist ministers, Alberto Garzón, spoke to Jacobin about the government’s survival in these times of crisis — and why the militant right still refuses to accept its legitimacy.

The Great NHS Heist

The NHS is one of the great social achievements of the twentieth century — and it’s currently under attack. If an incoming Jeremy Corbyn–led Labour government wins today’s election, it will have to be serious about rebuilding Britain’s health service.

Podemos’s Green New Deal

Disputes over Spain’s national borders have dominated the campaign for today’s election. But Podemos’s radical environmental program against the billionaire class can save the entire planet.