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Lula Is Right About Israel’s Genocide in Gaza

Brazilian president Lula forcefully condemned Israel’s brutal war on Gaza on Sunday before expelling Israel’s ambassador to Brazil on Monday. These actions are part of his decades-long commitment to standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

America’s Origin Story Is a Myth

The foundational myths of the United States celebrate the conquest of the frontier as the creation of a nation founded on principles of equality. Nick Estes thinks it's time Americans grappled with the truth.

The West Is Sabotaging a Global Pandemic Treaty

International talks aimed at creating a treaty to prevent another COVID-19 catastrophe are nearing collapse. This impasse is due to the refusal of countries such as the US, Canada, and Germany to compromise on Big Pharma’s intellectual property rights.

How Football Made the Working Class

In premodern England, peasants organized football games over enclosed land. Today, fans have gotten together to buy teams from corrupt owners. The beautiful game has always shaped the culture of the popular classes, despite moneyed influences.