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The Hidden Environmental Impact of AI

While the mass adoption of AI has transformed digital life seemingly overnight, regulators have fallen asleep on the job in curtailing AI data centers’ drain on energy and water resources.

Why Egypt Is Complicit in the Genocide in Gaza

Throughout Israel’s brutal campaign in Gaza, Egypt has presented itself as a friend of the Palestinians. In reality the Egyptian government, against the will of its citizens, continues to enforce the blockade of Gaza and offer tacit support to Israel.

Rashida Tlaib Is Right: the Supreme Court Is Corrupt

The Supreme Court is an unelected super-legislature that is riven with bribery and corruption, in addition to justices’ extreme antimajoritarian views. Rashida Tlaib’s call for impeachment and reform is causing outrage, but she’s right.

France’s Left Needs Unity More Than Ever

The New Popular Front represents the French left’s best chance to block Marine Le Pen’s path. But a purge of candidates in its biggest force, France Insoumise, is troubling its ranks — and highlights the need for more democratic decision-making.