Despite the plummeting costs of solar and wind power, renewables have not been profitable enough to attract adequate private investment. To decarbonize, public investment in clean power and reclaiming electricity as a public utility are essential.

The US Military Refuses to Own Up to Killing Civilians

Each year, Congress mandates the US military disclose how many civilian deaths it was responsible for globally. In its latest report, the Pentagon refused to acknowledge any — following a long history of failures to own up to documented killings of civilians.


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CUNY Workers Against Austerity

At the City University of New York, academic workers have been fighting for a new union contract for over a year. They are resisting austerity and further corporatization of the university, pushed by politicians and university administrators alike.

The New Atheists had reactionary politics and a distorted view of science, but they owe their demise to a more fundamental flaw in their ideology: religion can’t explain all the world’s problems.