To Fight or Not to Fight

As the Democratic Party clings to a message of compromise and conflict aversion, the GOP has adopted a fighting posture that seems to be resonating with working-class Americans.

Twilight of the Woke

Hegel claimed that wisdom about a historical period often comes only after it has ended. As wokeness loses sway, we can better see its effects on socialist politics.


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How Israeli Media Helps the War Effort

Nine months into the war on Gaza, Israeli media hardly reports on the death and destruction there. Haggai Matar, executive director of +972 magazine, tells Jacobin about the self-censorship that dominates Israeli journalism.

The New Atheists had reactionary politics and a distorted view of science, but they owe their demise to a more fundamental flaw in their ideology: religion can’t explain all the world’s problems.

Joe Biden Wanted This

No one forced Joe Biden to run for president — or to facilitate a genocide. His unlikely conversion to economic populism was a triumph for the Left, but he ultimately proved his own worst enemy.

The Billionaires’ Party and the Union Leader

Teamsters president Sean O’Brien headlined the RNC’s opening night and praised two of the party’s leading snake-oil salesmen: vice presidential candidate J. D. Vance and Missouri senator Josh Hawley. The party of billionaires couldn’t be happier.