Only the Good Die Young


Edited by

Bhaskar Sunkara
René Rojas
Jonah Walters

Introduction by

Greg Grandin

With Essays by

Aldo Marchesi
Leandro Morgenfeld
Hilary Goodfriend
Alex de Jong
Christy Thornton
And many more!

US Autoworkers on Strike

The United Auto Workers, headed by a new reform leadership, recently waged a historic strike against the Big Three automakers.

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US Labor Is Having a Movement Moment

The successful UAW strike was the latest sign that the union movement is having a moment. Amid so much gloom in the world, US labor has emerged as an unlikely bright spot with genuine dynamism.


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A Jacobin investigation explores Israel’s practice of using the bodies of slain Palestinians as bargaining chips, refusing to return them to their families. Denying the right to bury loved ones, this policy inflicts the anguish of mourning without closure.