Cover Art by Michael Freimuth
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  • Issue 48
  • Winter 2023
True socialists cannot at the same time be nationalists, militarists, and capitalist ‘patriots.’ They are either one or the other; they cannot be both. The self-called socialists who are nationalists first and who set the ‘fatherland’ of their masters above the whole earth and above all the workers of the world are not socialists at all but either mild and harmless capitalist reformers and stool pigeons or traitors to the cause.
— Eugene V. Debs, National Rip-Saw (1916)

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“Contrary to the populist moment of the 2010s, the new nationalist right wants to be seen as a guarantor of order.”


David Broder

Cheese, Baguettes, and Victor Hugo

France’s right wing claims “Islamo-leftism” is subverting their national culture. But “Frenchness” has always been in flux.

“Socialists like Hobsbawm hoped for the transcendence of the nation-state, but these days, imagining a world beyond nationalism seems every bit as daunting.”

Front Matters

“Last year’s Eurovision was not the first in which some contestants joined while at war.”

“The Puerto Rican Independence Party won its second-largest electoral mark in its 80-year history in 2020, perhaps pointing to the future revitalization of the fight for Puerto Rican sovereignty.”

“Much of what appeared novel about Trump’s nationalism looks more like a campaign tactic effectively weaponized.”

“Instead of respecting railworkers’ votes, Biden and Congress told them to shut up and get back to work.”