Illustration by Albert Tercero
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Issue No. 42 | Summer 2021

The Working Class

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Disorganized Democracy

A coalition of industrial workers and small farmers underpinned democratic politics in the twentieth century. Can workers in a precarious service economy fill their shoes today?

Fassbinder and the Red Army Faction

As his fellow West German radicals began to embrace violence in the 1970s, legendary filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder decided to celebrate another path for emancipation: class struggle in the workplace.

When Our Homes Went Miami Vice

As the Reagan era kicked into overdrive, Americans abandoned earthy and organic home decor to turn their residences into cold, sleek totems to upper-class aspiration.

Anthem of the Commoners

Pulp’s 1995 hit “Common People” isn’t just a Britpop classic — it’s a more honest and brutal analysis of class than you’ll hear in the media today.

Blue-Collar Jocks

In the 1970s, sports movies were funny, bitter comedies about working-class jocks taking aim at both the front office and the rich.

We Built the Golden Age

The culture of British trade union militancy in auto plants like Austin Longbridge wasn’t the “natural” result of a Golden Age of capitalism — it came from organizing.