Issue 53 cover
Cover Art by Klawe Rzeczy
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  • Issue 53
  • Spring 2024
“To me Jesus Christ is as real, as palpitant and persuasive as a historic character as John Brown, Abraham Lincoln, or Karl Marx. He has persisted in spite of two thousand years of theological emasculation to destroy his revolutionary personality, and is today the greatest moral force in the world.”
— Eugene V. Debs, “Jesus, the Supreme Leader,” March 1914

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“The Summer of Love had given way to a winter of discontent.”


Ronan Burtenshaw

Jim Larkin: Labor Prophet

Irish labor leader Jim Larkin’s combination of Christian faith and socialist zeal electrified the working class — and threatened to tear down the established order.

Gus Breslauer

Socialists in the Kingdom of God

Today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is widely understood to be a right-wing force in US politics. But just over 100 years ago, Mormons were at the center of a religious socialist renaissance in Utah.

Richer Than God

Sophisticated Wall Street tactics have blessed the LDS Church with billions.

Tyler Austin Harper

The Church of Human Resources

For some, capitalism’s failures are to be redeemed not by political action but by civilization-scale moral projects under the remit of a new clergy: human resources.

“Should we as socialists combat religious ways of thinking or use them ourselves?”

“Corita was a Christian artist in the best sense, a sense that has underpinned socialist movements around the world.”

“Liberationist Christianity found an appropriate conceptualization of charity in the Marxist dictum of solidarity with the oppressed in their self-emancipation.”

“After years of subterranean rumblings, Robertson’s run dragged evangelicals into the sunlight of the political arena.”

“The slain are really slain. Nothing will undo the violence that has already been inflicted.”