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Issue No. 32 | Winter 2019

A True Story of the Future

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The Exercise of Power

The “class-struggle social democracy” of Bernie Sanders is exceedingly difficult to pull off. If he wins, he’ll face structural pressure to compromise: administering a capitalist state requires maintaining corporate profits. We’ll need to create our own pressure through strikes and protests.

The State We Need

Socialists throughout history have understood that holding office is not the same thing as winning power. Working people can only entrench their victories through a fight to change the state itself.

What Is Europe?

Europe Since 1989 is a book about neoliberalism in Europe written by someone who doesn’t know what neoliberalism is, and hasn’t really paid much attention to Europe.

In His Own Words

Here’s Bernie Sanders in his own words — from denunciations of US militarism to his prediction that “within a decade, Mississippi could become one of the most progressive states in the country.”

Winning Democracy in America

Forget socialist democracy; by virtue of its Constitution, the United States barely has political democracy. If we take expanding democracy seriously — and if we want to implement sweeping social reforms — we need some serious changes.

The Real Life of Social Realism

The communist Charles White created images of dignity to portray America’s working class. Now, forty years after his death, his art is back in the mainstream.

Where Are They Now?

We went looking for our favorite Obama and Clinton campaign alums. We found them in corporate America.

The Whitlam Coup

In 1975, the Queen’s loyal representative, governor-general John Kerr, decided he’d had enough of Australian social democracy.