Issue 53 cover
Cover Art by Margeaux Walter
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Town and Country

  • Issue 54
  • Summer 2024
“True commonwealth’s freedom lies in the free enjoyment of the earth. True freedom lies where a man receives his nourishment and preservation, and that is in the use of the earth. For as man is compounded of the four materials of the creation, fire, water, earth, and air; so is he preserved by the compounded bodies of these four, which are the fruits of the earth; and he cannot live without them. For take away the free use of these and the body languishes, the spirit is brought into bondage.”
— Gerrard Winstanley, The Law of Freedom in a Platform, 1652

“They feared a “Jewish question” coming to America as it had to Europe.”


Meagan Day

Welcome to Utopia, TX

This small town was envisioned as a socialist paradise. Now it’s Trump country.

Daniel Finn

Marxism and the Agrarian Question

The leading thinkers of Marxism stressed how important it was to govern in partnership with the peasantry. When communist states imposed collectivization by force, the results were disastrous.

“The political myths of the heartland fuse the elegy to a hard day’s toil, a sense of place, and a rooted, set-in-our-ways identity.”

Front Matters

The Soapbox

Struggle Session

“During the Nakba, the collective farms were a crucial part of the process by which Palestinians were forced off their land.”

“While Lula holds the presidency, the agribusiness lobby dominates Congress.”

“Liberals have cast working-class people in rural America as an obstacle to be overcome.”

“The system not only kept most tenants in debt but perpetuated living conditions that bordered on the intolerable.”