Issue 52 cover
Cover Art by Rose Wong
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Artificial Intelligence

  • Issue 52
  • Winter 2024
“No worker is against automation as such. He recognizes that automation creates the possibility of such a development of the productive forces that no one anywhere need ever live in want again... But at the same time automation is forcing every worker to re-examine the very manner of his life as a human being simply in order to answer the question of how he shall exist at all.”
— C. L. R. James and Grace C. Lee, Facing Reality, 1958

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“The positions ‘AI causes harm now’ and ‘AI could end the world’ are not mutually exclusive.”


Leif Weatherby

The Silicon-Tongued Devil

ChatGPT feeds on language, outputting texts that reinforce the basic assumptions of our culture. In other words, it’s the greatest propaganda machine ever produced.

Anton Jäger

Automated Intimacy

This isn’t capitalism’s first loneliness epidemic. But in the 21st century, relationship simulators like Replika are here with the solution: your very own AI lover.

Garrison Lovely

Can Humanity Survive AI?

With the development of artificial intelligence racing forward at warp speed, some of the richest men in the world may be deciding the fate of humanity right now.

“It should make us suspicious that the biggest profiteers of AI research are the loudest to warn of its uncontrollable danger.”

“‘To the Americans, a robot is a computer attached to a mechanism. To Japanese, a robot is a mechanism attached to a computer.’”

“Kissinger was well-informed about the atrocities being committed by his allies in West Pakistan.”

“The idea of children turning to machines to ask for guidance with their fears should make us shudder.”

“The study found that the vast majority of jobs could not be fully automated, with less than 5% at risk.”