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Issue No. 20 | Winter 2016

Up From Liberalism

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The German Social Democratic Party therefore does not fight for new class privileges and class rights, but for the abolition of class rule and of classes themselves, for equal rights and equal obligations for all, without distinction of sex or birth. Starting from these views, it fights not only the exploitation and oppression of wage earners in society today, but every manner of exploitation and oppression, whether directed against a class, party, sex, or race.

—The German Social Democratic Party’s Erfurt Program (1891)

Atari Democrats

As organized labor lost strength, the Democratic Party turned to professional-class voters to shore up its base.

It’s Their Party

A generation ago, socialists and civil rights activists tried to transform the Democratic Party. Why did they fail?

The Business Veto

The demise of social democracy shows the precariousness of any project of reform under capitalism.