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Issue No. 33 | Spring 2019

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Mayor Pete’s War on the Homeless

Pete Buttigieg is a charming man who speaks some Norwegian and wears wool socks. He also oversaw a wave of evictions and waged a campaign against South Bend’s homeless.

The Lingo

This list won’t make your city any kinder, but it might help you crack its code.

The Zone Defense

What we need isn’t exclusionary zoning, inclusionary zoning, upzoning, downzoning, a zoning freeze, or no zoning at all. We need an anticapitalist planning movement.

The Homeownership Trap

Millions have already faced the dark side of the American Dream. Is there a way to stabilize and democratize homeownership?

The Private Equity Press

We should demand a media that covers the lives and struggles of working people — homeless, on the verge of eviction, trying to hang on. And not the glamorous lives of property speculators.

We Once Had the Answers

Sweden’s social democrats managed to solve a housing crisis and build a million homes in less than a decade. Why, then, is the Miljonprogrammet maligned today?