16 Articles by: Julia Damphouse

Julia Damphouse is Jacobin’s Reading Groups Coordinator and a History MA student at Humboldt University Berlin.

When Bulgarian Peasants Read Karl Kautsky

The Second International’s history is usually seen through the prism of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, a mass party in an industrial power. But militants in the Balkans had to adapt its lessons to their own local realities — and in the decades before World War I, they were the first socialists to confront the looming dangers of the national question.

A Communist Designed Your Kitchen

Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky is renowned as creator of the first fitted kitchen, designed to cut the time devoted to household chores. But her “social architecture” was just part of her deep political convictions — a journey that led her to the Communist resistance against Nazism.

Save Our Brutalism

Five decades since the craze for Brutalism, most of the discussion about these buildings is about tearing them down. But the radical social vision that drove their rise has largely been forgotten.