17 Articles by: Ingar Solty

Ingar Solty is senior research fellow in foreign, peace, and security policy at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s Institute for Critical Social Analysis in Berlin

German Reunification Brought a Wave of Neoliberal Triumphalism — And a Social Disaster

In the last years before the Berlin Wall’s fall, most opposition movements in East Germany sought a reformed, more democratic socialism. But the effect of reunification on October 3, 1990 was a wave of neoliberal triumphalism in both East and West — undermining the principles of social solidarity and pushing the Left into the wilderness.

When the State Steps in to Save Profit

Faced with another global recession, many governments are responding with even stronger state interventions than they did in the 2008 financial crisis. But stimulus packages to prop up businesses must also pose the question of public control — not just bailing out corporations, but repurposing their operations to confront the disasters ahead of us.

The Death of the German Dream

Angela Merkel has resigned as CDU leader. Her failed promises of “prosperity for all” are leading to the disintegration of the traditional mass parties.