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Austerity Is Causing America to Rot

If it seems like nothing works anymore in the US, you’re not imagining things. Record-low public investment and declining private investment have given us a failing, decrepit infrastructure.

Socialism Makes Summer Better

In capitalist America, millions of workers never get a vacation. But for the past century, bringing sunshine and leisure to the masses has been among the socialist movement’s greatest achievements.

Australian Bookstore Workers Are Organizing

Bookstore workers in Australia are beginning to organize for better pay and conditions. They are already chalking up important wins in individual stores — but their aim is to transform conditions across the industry.

The CHIPS Act Is a Massive Giveaway to Tech Companies

President Biden signed the bipartisan CHIPS Act earlier this week. It’s a massive giveaway to the semiconductor industry, which has spent the last decade padding the pockets of CEOs and stockholders with billions upon billions of dollars in stock buybacks.