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Big Money Is Taking Over MDMA-Assisted Therapy

Nonprofit MAPS promised to bring therapeutic MDMA to market on the back of philanthropic donations. But then it morphed into a for-profit concern — and with FDA approval looming, Big Pharma is trying to get in on the act.

Four Problems for the Degrowth Movement

Though increasingly influential in activist circles and policy discussions, the degrowth perspective on addressing climate change suffers from serious analytical and political flaws. We need a program of green growth to decarbonize the planet.

If Michigan Primary Voters Snub Joe Biden, Blame Joe Biden

Rashida Tlaib is getting blowback for urging Michigan Democratic primary voters to cast their ballots as “uncommitted” rather than for Joe Biden. But if voters take issue with Biden’s support for Israel’s assault on Gaza, that’s no one’s fault but his own.

Effective Altruists Are Stoking Tensions With China

The Biden administration has had an open-door policy for effective altruist think tanks in the White House — who have in turn used their influence to push a hawkish anti-China agenda by casting the development of AI as the new arms race.

Get These Rich People Off the Moon

Texas start-up Intuitive Machines has achieved the first moon landing by a private firm. It’s dumping rich people’s detritus on the lunar surface — a grim sign of how the superrich plan to plant their flag beyond our own planet.