21 Articles by: George Souvlis

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George Souvlis is a freelance writer and teaches at the University of Thrace, Department of Political Science.

The Antinomies of Perry Anderson

Perry Anderson’s essays on the history of Marxism show his dazzling erudition and breadth of historical vision. But the British Marxist’s work has also been deeply shaped by his changing political outlook, as his 1960s hopes in socialist revolution have given way to a more sober reading of capitalism’s crises.

Manolis Glezos, 1922–2020

Manolis Glezos was just 19 when he sparked Greece’s anti-Nazi resistance by tearing down the swastika from the Acropolis. This was the beginning of a life dedicated to the cause of the oppressed — in which, as he put it, “No struggle for what you believe in is ever futile.”

Not Everyone Can Buck the Trend

The son of Nigerian immigrants, Giannis Antetokounmpo has won acclaim in Greece, being named the NBA’s most valuable player. But Giannis’s story doesn’t prove that anyone who works hard can make it — rather, it shows how insane it is to let our parents’ nationality determine our life chances.