20 Articles by: Thomas Crowley

Thomas Crowley is a graduate student in geography at Rutgers University and author of the book Fractured Forest, Quartzite City: A History of Delhi and Its Ridge.

The Tata Group Is Everything Wrong With Indian Capitalism

The megacorporation Tata has shaped Indian capitalism for 150 years. Despite its best efforts to sustain an image as an ethical company, Tata’s roots in war profiteering and the opium trade, and its sophisticated suppression of worker organizing, is testament to the fact that “ethical capitalism” is only ever a contradiction in terms.


The Trump-Modi Lovefest Is Sickening

This week, Donald Trump went to India to sign a new arms deal with the far-right leader Narendra Modi. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the pair remained silent as Hindu nationalists unleashed a wave of violence against Muslims — targeting their homes, businesses, and places of worship.