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Alexander Billet is a writer of prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction. He is an editor at Locust Review and cohost of Locust Radio. More of his writing can be found at

Monopoly Music

Today’s ruling class treats all culture as either commodity or plaything. We should not accept either definition.


The FBI’s War on Folk Music

The anti-communist campaigns of the late 1940s attacked the Left on every front. As beacons of a broad-based cultural radicalism and messengers for change, American folk singers quickly found themselves in the FBI’s crosshairs.

John Prine’s Human Touch

Legendary singer-songwriter John Prine loved people and hated cruelty. It is a simple but beautiful motivation for music, and the world is poorer for his no longer being in it.

Reclaiming Los Angeles

In cities across America, housing has played a key role in maintaining and deepening inequality. Nowhere is this more so than in Los Angeles, with its homelessness crisis, soaring rents, and luxury condos. Nithya Raman’s grassroots campaign for city council is pushing back against the developers, boosters, and lobbyists that keep it this way.

Joe Biden Wants to Take Away Your Music

Joe Biden hasn’t changed much over the years. So it’s safe to assume that the version of him that you see in a recently surfaced video threatening to jail rave promoters and destroy our right to culture is the version of him we would get in a Biden White House.

Who Cares What Army?

Though their time as a band was brief, the Monks represent a “what if” of the convergence between GI resistance and the 1960s counterculture.