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The New Popular Front Can Win in France

According to polls for France’s snap election, the far right’s main opponent isn’t Emmanuel Macron but the left-wing New Popular Front. It has to rally working-class voters and show that the social damage of Macron’s rule can be undone.

Nepal’s Hindutva Moment

For over a decade, Nepal has declared itself a secular republic. Now militant Hindu nationalists are trying to undermine this by escalating local tensions into sectarian battles.

Unions Must Seize the Moment to Organize the South

After a victory in Tennessee and a loss in Alabama, the UAW is pressing onward in its fight to organize the notoriously anti-union South. The fate of Southern workers — and all workers — depends on the movement’s willingness to think big.

France’s New Popular Front Has a Plan to Govern

France’s snap elections are widely seen as an opportunity for Marine Le Pen’s far right. But the left-wing parties’ Nouveau Front Populaire has a real possibility of stopping her — and it’s laid out a radical program to rebuild France’s dilapidated democracy.