20 Articles by: John Carl Baker

John Carl Baker is a senior program officer at Ploughshares Fund. The views expressed here are his own. Baker's writing has appeared in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the New Republic, Defense One, and elsewhere.

What South Korea’s Candlelight Revolution Tells Us About Defeating a Right-Wing Autocrat

South Korea’s 2016–17 Candlelight Revolution shows that to defend democratic rights, you have to be ready to step outside the bounds of liberal proceduralism. We should take the same lesson in the US: the best way to ensure that Donald Trump will respect the results of the November election is to mobilize in the streets and demand it. 

How the West Was Won

The Netflix series Wild Wild Country has been widely praised — and rightly so. It’s an incisive meditation on everything from the colonization of the Americas to present-day gentrification.