6 Articles by: Anton Ösgård

Anton Ösgård is a PhD student in urban sociology at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Denmark’s “Zero Asylum” Plan Means Psychological Torture for Refugees

The Social Democrats’ 2019 election win fed hopes that Denmark would move away from extreme measures that strip migrants of their valuables and criminalize minority neighborhoods. Yet since then, the Social Democratic government has continued this offensive — with recent calls for a “zero asylum” agenda that will push refugees into endless purgatory.

The Many Assassins of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme

It’s been over three decades since Swedish prime minister Olof Palme was assassinated outside a Stockholm cinema, and Swedish police have still never found the killer. The vast array of theories explaining the killing are a reflection of Swedes’ ongoing fascination for Palme — but also highlights how many enemies he made as prime minister with his bold internationalism.

Denmark’s Shameful Ghetto Plan

Denmark’s “ghetto plan” promises harsher policing of districts with high unemployed and ethnic-minority populations and selling off the public housing where they live. The Social Democrats’ shameful policy shows that anti-immigrant chauvinism isn’t a way of defending the welfare state — it’s an instrument of privatization.