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Alex Doherty is the host of Politics Theory Other.

Vivian Gornick: “It Is Thrilling for a Small Life to See Itself as Connected to Something Large”

Vivian Gornick’s recently reissued The Romance of American Communism is in high demand these days by young socialists grappling with the meaning of their activism. In an interview, Gornick is slightly skeptical of the reborn socialist movement — and even the book itself. But although she says “I wouldn’t have written that book today, I’m not sorry I did write it.”

Why the Neoliberals Won’t Let This Crisis Go to Waste

Many observers expected that the 2008 financial crisis would mark the end of neoliberalism. Instead, we saw a wave of privatization and sharp cuts in public services. Today, the forces best placed to exploit the coronavirus pandemic are still those who already have power: the neoliberals who’ve been shaping the economic policy agenda for decades.