10 Articles by: Rosa Schwartzburg

Rosa Schwartzburg has written for the New York Times, the Guardian, the Nation, Slate, and Jewish Currents. She holds MAs from Columbia University and the Central European University, and currently works for Al Jazeera English.

Egypt’s Al-Sisi Regime Is Still “Disappearing” Researchers Who Oppose Its Crimes

Last week it was announced that an Italian court will put Egyptian state security agents on trial for the 2016 kidnapping and murder of labor researcher Giulio Regeni. For years, Egypt’s military regime has refused to cooperate with the investigation — and in recent months it has continued to “disappear” researchers who defend workers’ and women’s rights.

No, There Isn’t a White Genocide

From Tucker Carlson to fascist terrorists, the far right claim that mass migration is an “invasion” designed to destroy and replace the “white race.” But the theories behind this meme are more than a century old — and they’ve always been about repressing the victims of slavery and colonialism.