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The Rise and Fall of Britain’s Universities

When Britain’s Labour Party introduced tuition fees in 1998, they did so ostensibly to fund the expansion of higher education. But underlying this decision was the confused idea that social mobility could be an alternative to economic redistribution.

The Passions and the Interests

An effective left politics can’t just speak to workers’ material interests. It also has to construct myths that speak to people’s sense of dignity and humanity.

We Need to Talk About Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day, which took place earlier this week, offers a flurry of deals for savvy consumers. But the two weeks leading up to the event and Prime Day itself result in double the industry average of recorded injuries.

Abolish the NBA’s One-and-Done Rule

The NBA’s one-and-done rule stops players from entering the league straight from high school. This pushes top players into the NCAA, which makes billions off them, and reduces the window in which athletes, whose careers are often cut short, can earn.