Cover Art by Margeaux Walter
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  • Issue 47
  • Fall 2022
Stop and give a hitchhiking family a ride. Never cross a picket line, even when your family can’t pay the rent. Share your last cigarette with a stranger. Steal milk when your kids have none and then give half to the little kids next door (this is what my own mother did repeatedly in 1936). Listen carefully to the quiet, profound people who have lost everything but their dignity.
— Mike Davis, Be Realistic: Demand the Impossible (2012)

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“Loneliness, once a borderline experience usually suffered in certain marginal social conditions like old age, has become an everyday experience.”


Anton Jäger

From Bowling Alone to Posting Alone

Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone chronicled the growing loneliness and isolation of wealthy societies. Twenty years later, the problem is far worse than he could have imagined.

“The EU’s pro-globalization policies have hurt workers and been found to lead to more anti-EU voting.”

Front Matters

Struggle Session

“There is no social class, no capital accumulation, no ideology, no politics, no voting — just two modern hunter gatherers pooling their resources to survive the forces of nature.”

“The problem wasn’t finding jobs so much as leaving those that proved abusive, exploitative, or dangerous.”

“I’d prefer to have a society that redistributed resources in such a way that no one needed individuals in distant countries to buy them malaria nets.”

“In case of ‘an organized uprising,’ he believed, the army would need ten thousand soldiers to defend Manhattan, and four thousand for Brooklyn.”