Call for an Art Editor

I’m overwhelmed producing cheap vector art for the consuming masses and now I need help. Jacobin is looking for an Art Editor to assist with the visual end of the magazine. The main responsibilities include selecting images (without getting us sued) to pair with blog posts and commissioning artists to do work for the issues. Secondary responsibilities may include assisting me in typesetting the print magazine (it’s easy and I’ll teach you Indesign).

Foremost, I’m looking for someone to bounce ideas off of in producing Jacobin‘s design. I’ve been given far too much power over the look of the magazine and now I want company. Otherwise, I’m stuck with Bhaskar; tasteless, petty bourgeois scoundrel that he is, he’d probably let me run anything from Boyz II Men videos to animated gifs of cats pummeling small children.

You don’t have to be an artist or designer to fill the position, but you must have an understanding of visual communication. We need someone with a solid grasp of the magazine’s writing and a keen sense of aesthetics. It’s a fine balance, but we neither want socialist realist propaganda nor do we want you to turn our blog into an Instagram reel.

If you’re interested in applying, send an email to design [at] Just a short paragraph about yourself will suffice. No need for a resume, but you do have to complete a little challenge. Go back through the last five Jacobin blog posts — “Socialism for a Less Skeptical Age,” “Art Without Humans,” “Obama to America: Work Harder,” “Revolt of the Wonks,” and “Heading Off the New Jerusalem” — and find an image to pair with each piece (you can attach an image file, but just a link is also fine).


Applications are currently closed for this!