The Philosophical Case for a Four-Day Workweek

Philosopher Jason Read discusses his new book on the politics of work, in which he draws insights from Marx, Spinoza, and elements of popular culture to tackle an urgent question: Why do people fight for their servitude as if it were their salvation?

Power at the Point of Production

From iconic strikes at Goodyear to the battle against GM, episode 3 of Organize the Unorganized: The Rise of the CIO tells the story of transformational victories in rubber, auto, and steel that put the militant CIO on the map.

J. B. McLachlan Was a Canadian Labor Hero

J. B. McLachlan’s tireless advocacy for coal miners’ rights left an indelible mark on Canadian labor history. McLachlan emphasized the pivotal role of members in upholding unions as bastions of resistance to class exploitation.


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With the development of artificial intelligence racing forward at warp speed, some of the richest men in the world may be deciding the fate of humanity right now.

ChatGPT feeds on language, outputting texts that reinforce the basic assumptions of our culture. The rise of AI forces the Left to take a hard look at the politics of language and the linguistics of Noam Chomsky.