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Political action can’t end with reading a magazine, but resistance needs ideas.

Lenin didn’t have Ford Foundation money — he had Stalin rob banks instead. We here at Jacobin are in a tough position: we’re not much for physical courage, but we too want to avoid asking rich donors for money.

That’s why we’re lucky to have you, our loyal readers. Jacobin reaches tens of thousands in print and millions online. For many readers, we’re their first encounter with a socialist publication built on the conviction that we need a world that values human need over corporate profit.

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We’ve accomplished a lot in 2017 — from publishing over a thousand articles to launching new podcasts and hosting events and reading groups to the creation of Catalyst: A Journal of Theory and Strategy and the relaunch of Africa Is a Country. But our plans for 2018 are even loftier, including increasing our print frequency, publishing new books, and launching exciting new investigative journalism projects.

These kind of donation appeals aren’t really our style — they feel rote and forced. But we really need the support to keep going and we know how unique our contribution is. And if you don’t trust us, just ask Jacobin Comrade #1, Noam Chomsky:

“The appearance of Jacobin magazine has been a bright light in dark times. Each issue brings penetrating, lively discussions and analyses of matters of real significance, from a thoughtful left perspective that is refreshing and all too rare. A really impressive contribution to sanity, and hope.”