$14.95 Subscriptions and Some May Day News

By 2036, we'll move Labor Day to May 1. Maybe Christmas, as well, but these things take time.

The folks who run the planet have 364 days in their honor — the people whose labor makes it run have only one. So happy May Day.

I didn’t want to make a gimmicky “special May Day” offer. After all, today should be about more than consumption, even if that consumption takes the form of a radical publication. But we like to think of Jacobin as a focal point for an emerging left. A place where people can have clear and open discussions, where they can disagree with the material we run, but still take comfort that there’s many others committed to engaging in those debates.

We want more folks to take part in that conversation — that’s why for May Day we decided to ask Jacobin subscribers to help us get gift subscriptions in the hands of anyone who might be interested. Yearlong subscriptions to the glossy print edition of the magazine start at $14.95, half off the usual price.

Just press the gift subscription button on this page to access the special offer.

We’re taking a loss on every order, but we know your friends are cool enough to resubscribe when the year’s done.

pinball600x450_2And here’s some other updates: Since its inception, Jacobin‘s production has always been a bit chaotic, reliant on part-time work from those juggling day jobs and other political commitments. In fact, I’m writing you this missive from one of the couple outside gigs I have (don’t tell my boss).

But this summer, thanks to our growth and the support of our readers, we’ll finally be able to add some full-time staff. Remeike Forbes has been Jacobin‘s creative director for almost three years now — not only guiding our incredible group of designers, but playing a significant role shaping the magazine intellectually and politically. He’ll start full-time at the end of the month and begin work on an ambitious redesign of our site and visual identity.

We’re also working towards expanding our network of reading groups (already active in Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, Chicago, and elsewhere) and putting together a national event series. Studying collective action alone is silly — we’d like to get as many open-minded people interacting together in person as possible.

With how chaotic this month is (new hires, new programming, an office move), we’ve decided to hold off release of our spring issue for just a few more weeks. Our distributor will receive issues on May 14 and should have all 5,000 neatly polybagged and shipped out by May 19. “A World to Win” will be avaliable online June 2.

I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are. By 2036, we’ll move Labor Day to May 1. Maybe Christmas, as well, but these things take time.

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Bhaskar Sunkara is the founding editor and publisher of Jacobin and the author of The Socialist Manifesto: The Case for Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality.

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