Center-Left Governments Sold Out Western Sahara

Western Sahara is Africa’s last colony, and its citizens live under a brutal occupation. The Biden administration and its counterparts in Europe are set to cement that reality for generations to come.

A Moroccan flag — posted by the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces — flies on a hilltop overlooking a road between Morocco and Mauritania, November 2020. The armed forces were sent in following an accusation by Morocco that the Polisario Front, a politico-military organization of Sahrawi people, was blocking trade along a key highway connecting the country to the rest of Africa.

“We are being told by the West to simply accept our reality — the reality of occupation,” Sahrawi journalist Nazha el-Khalidi tells me. “Why don’t we have the same right to self-determination as Ukrainians?” El-Khalidi’s comments were made against the background of a major diplomatic shift in recent months that has seen the Joe Biden […]

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