Yes, Jacobin Has a Board Game Now

Class War is the new two-player board game from Jacobin. You can order a copy today and support our journalism!

Has Monopoly night lost its charm? Do your friends head for the door when you reach for the twelve-sided die? Ever play Magic: The Gathering and think, “If only, instead of tapping mana, I could tap the righteous anger of the proletariat”?

Neither have we. But now you can!

Support our Kickstarter today and you’ll not only receive an awesome board game, you’ll support Jacobin’s important socialist journalism and analysis.

In Class War, you are a collective entity: a social class — either the Capitalists or the Workers. You’ll fight for social dominance in an unstable constitutional democracy. Will the Capitalists crush this rising wave of popular discontent and entrench their position as masters of society? Or will the Workers triumph over the power of money to make society more equal and just?

The gameplay is so addictive that even your libertarian uncle won’t be able to resist the world-historic struggle unfolding in the deck of cards before him. And if he looks closer, he just might see, for the very first time, what a socialist perspective on our society’s class antagonisms really looks like.

We’re currently raising funds to bring Class War to the masses. The game is already almost completed, but we need your help to produce thousands of boxes and get them into the hands of people around the world.