Weekends With Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks

This Saturday at 1 PM Eastern, we’re debuting a live YouTube show, “Weekends,” hosted by Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks. Liberals are hypocrites, conservatives are cruel, but we have an alternative.

It would be a mistake to say that broadcast media isn’t doing its job. With its unrelenting hostility to Bernie Sanders and hostility toward any challenge to establishment politics, it’s functioning exactly as designed.

At Jacobin, we make no illusions of being able to compete with the power or reach of mass media outlets. We reach a couple of million people online every month, and tens of thousands in print — it’s not bad for democratic socialists, but nothing compared to what’s needed.

We could be doing a lot better. There are millions of more people out there that we aren’t reaching and who share our belief in a world built on justice and equality. We can’t just cede YouTube and a generation hungry for anti-establishment appeals to the reactionary right.

That’s why we’re proud to announce “Weekends with Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks.” Every Saturday starting at 1 PM ET,  Ana and Michael will be broadcasting a new show live from the Jacobin YouTube channel.  “Weekends” will feature free-flowing and entertaining conversations between Ana, Michael, and their guests.

Liberals are hypocrites, conservatives are cruel, but we have an alternative — we hope you tune in, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and share episodes with your friends.

See you on Saturday!