The Stupidest Meme Ever

It was bad enough when Facebook was blinking with “sh*t [people] say” videos, and that horrible quick-cut cadence infiltrated my dreams. Maybe a technofuturist could take something positive out of those videos though, the fact that everyone’s got a video-enabled cell phone, and now we have a thousand hours of cops pepper spraying coeds, or something. But Facebook has taken a turn for the mid nineties over the past couple of days, flooding my newsfeed with the most inane inside-jokey meme of all. Under the header of various professions, six images tell us different perceptions of that type of work, always ending with “what I really do.” After looking at about twelve thousand of these things, give or take, here is what I have learned about the state of work: we all spend the day exasperated at the computer. Troubling.
meme3_mini whattheythinkido_pr1 Rabbi-Meme 389 Graphic-Design