Illustration by Joe O'Donnell
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Issue No. 22 | Summer 2016

Rank and File

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The class war between employers and workers over the product of Labor goes on without letup. “Settlements” in wage movements, whether these are accompanied by strikes or not, are at best only truces in the ceaseless struggle, only turning points where the struggle takes on new forms. The employers will continue to try to destroy the workers’ standard of living and break the unions; the workers will continue to build their unions and to advance their interests. Organization campaigns, strikes, settlements and their aftermath, are but various phases of the one great process of class struggle under capitalism.

-William Z. Foster, Strike Strategy (1926)

Rank and File

Without a socialist left, both inside and outside of unions, organized labor will continue to lose ground.

The Long Road to Crisis

The dismantling of autoworker gains was a class project, not the inevitable result of globalization.