The barbarities keep coming in Gaza. This week saw a massacre in Gaza City of at least sixty people, mostly children and women, many of them burned alive — followed by a massacre of over one hundred in a “humanitarian safe zone.”


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The New Atheists had reactionary politics and a distorted view of science, but they owe their demise to a more fundamental flaw in their ideology: religion can’t explain all the world’s problems.

eBay Workers Are Playing the Union Card

Workers at eBay subsidiary TCGplayer, an online trading card marketplace, picketed the company yesterday to protest alleged pregnancy discrimination against one of their own. More than a year after unionizing, they still don’t have a contract.

SCOTUS Wants to Kill the Administrative State

The right-wing Supreme Court continued to chip away at government agencies and regulations this term. Though the decisions present risks to some important policies, the attack on executive power need not jeopardize the Left’s major initiatives.