We’re Launching a Video Education Series This Week

Our new political education series, Stay at Home, launches this Thursday at 6 PM EST on our YouTube channel, with special guest Mike Davis.

Political organizing is hard. Political education shouldn't be.

These have been a few pretty bleak weeks. We hope all our readers are doing well and are in good health.

Socialist politics is built on mass rallies, strikes, and door-knocking. But since we’re all practicing physical distancing, we decided to launch a video-based political education series this month.

A few times a week Jacobin will host a left-wing thinker on our YouTube channel to explain an idea for around twenty minutes. Then we’ll take questions from our virtual audience for a brief Q&A.

We’re kicking things off with Mike Davis on the coronavirus pandemic and its political implications.

Tune in this Thursday at 6 PM EST. Visit Jacobin on YouTube (and subscribe!)

Mike Davis is the author of many books, including Planet of Slums and City of Quartz, and a contributor to Jacobin.

This Week on Stay at Home

Thursday, March 26, 6 PM EST: Mike Davis: Why global capitalism is so impotent in the face of coronavirus.

Friday, March 27, 6 PM EST: Nicole Aschoff: A brief history of corporate bailouts.

Saturday, March 28, 6 PM EST: Ronan Burtenshaw: How Britain got its National Health Service.

Coming Up

Future guests include Katrina Forrester, Grace Blakeley, Vivek Chibber, Meagan Day, Tony Wood, Matt Karp, Touré Reed, and many others.