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The next ten years might be tough.

President Chelsea Clinton will likely suspend civil liberties in the wake of the Second Roomba Uprising, acid wash jeans will be back in style, and you’ll spend most days hunkered in your libertarian neighbor’s climate-controlled bunker.

But you can guarantee that you’ll have something wonderful to read through it all!

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When Jacobin was founded in 2010, we had modest ambitions. But with your help we’ve managed to become a leading voice of the US left, offering hundreds of thousands of readers perspectives to not just understand, but change the world.

Next year, we’ll put together 1,300 original essays, release more paperback books, add to our network of over sixty reading groups, and host an international event series — all while putting together a magazine that’s both accessible and sophisticated.

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The focus of the magazine will remain consistent. We’ll continue to connect seemingly disparate events to an exploitative social system that tramples human potential and hurls us toward environmental catastrophe.

Jacobin, after all, was founded with the understanding that a better world is possible and will come into being by challenging capitalism and those who profit from class society.

There’s only so much we can do by ourselves. Yet before long, Jacobin’s success will attract others, helping to forge the nucleus of a diverse socialist press for the new century.

It won’t manufacture a movement by itself, but these publications will be able to support those that inevitably emerge.

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