Max Zirngast Has Been Released

Max Zirngast is out. After being jailed for more than three months in Turkey, the Jacobin contributor was released today from “pre-trial detention.”

We have some amazing Christmas news.

Jacobin contributor Max Zirngast, along with his comrades Mithatcan Türetken and Hatice Göz — all of whom have been jailed in Turkey since September 11 — have been released from “pre-trial detention.” Max will still have to report to the police station every Monday and is barred from leaving the country. But the long and the short is this: Max, Mithatcan, and Hatice are out.

According to Max’s attorney, Murat Yılmaz, the indictment against him runs 103 pages. We’ll know more soon about the specifics of the indictment, but Max’s first court date is set for April 11, 2019. Yılmaz has been dismissive of the process until now, saying: “The whole thing lacks any substance.”

Despite Max’s release, the solidarity campaign will not let up until Max is acquitted and is allowed to travel abroad. The campaign will also organize an international delegation for his first court date.

For the time being, we wish Max, Mithatcan, and Hatice — as well as their families and friends, and everyone who supported this campaign, in a truly internationalist spirit — a happy Christmas.

The struggle continues.

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Güney Işıkara is a PhD student in economics at the New School for Social Research.

Alp Kayserilioğlu is an editor at re-volt magazine and is working on his PhD on political economy, hegemony, and popular dynamics in the AKP era in Turkey. He currently lives in Cologne, Germany.

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