The Spirit of ’16

To mark the hundredth anniversary of the Easter Rising, we're pleased to offer a limited-edition print.

On Easter Monday 1916, the Irish Citizen Army, aided by two other organizations (the Irish Volunteers and the women’s brigade, Cumann na mBan), launched an armed insurrection against British rule.

After days of fighting, the Citizen Army’s Marxist leader, James Connolly, was seriously wounded, a bullet shattering his shin. Soon after, the Easter Rising ended in defeat.

Prints are 18″ by 24″

But despite the uprising’s suppression, and the subsequent execution of Connolly, the revolutionary fervor did not subside. The next half decade saw a mass movement against conscription, a war of independence, the establishment of an Irish parliament, and a wave of worker militancy that produced more than one hundred soviets.

The protagonists behind these struggles sought not merely a break with British rule but a fundamentally different social order. Feminists fought for women’s emancipation, socialists for a workers’ state, and anti-imperialists for an Ireland that allied itself with emergent nations in Egypt and India.

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To mark the hundredth anniversary of the Rising, we’re pleased to offer a limited edition (only 100 will be produced) run of our cover as a poster for $19.95. Illustrated by Erin Schell, the posters are 18″ by 24″ and absolutely gorgeous. Please support our work and considering getting a print for yourself or a comrade.